Specialty Coatings by Industry

Our coating applications allow us to assist customers in any industry for a variety of different needs ranging all the way from a decorative floor coating in your neighborhood retail store all the way to protective marine coatings to protect against micro-organisms and mussels. Find your industry below to help you choose the right coating for your needs. If you can’t find what you are looking for contact us and we will be happy to help you find a solution.


Acrylics and Polyaspartics protect backyard pavers and wood patios/decks while also improving visual appeal.


Transform your outdated, cold, and boring basement with Epoxy Coatings.


Chemical resistance of Epoxy coatings protect bathroom floors from spills and splashes.


Decorative and protective Epoxy and Polyaspartic coatings transform the garage space


Epoxy counter tops recreate the expensive look of granite and is a fun Do-It-Yourself project.


Protect your wood patio from harmful UV-rays with our low cost acrylic coatings.


Protect and seal roofs with our elostmeric roof coatings.

Animal Care

Epoxy coatings have excellent chemical resistance for flooring in animal facilities.

Consumer Goods

Coat your products to provide a higher performance and better protection.


Protect high traffic concrete floors and see them last for over a decade.


Ongoing foot traffic in facilities require a strong and reliable coating for protection.


Find strength and protection against considerable weight that can stress flooring.

Food / Beverage

From food processing to single establishments, this industry requires unique coatings.


Decorate and Protect floors for any aviation needs.

Health Care

Our coating in healthcare facilities reduces health hazards and improves ease of cleaning.


Our coatings can help protect against micro-organisms and mussels.

Parking Structures

Constant traffic involving heavy vehicles demands the garage floor to be incredibly strong and reliable.


Decorative flake flooring or metallic pigments create unique and attractive flooring in any retail space.


Static dissipating, chemical resistance, or ease-of-cleaning make Mirable Coating products perfect for manufacturing applications.


The chemical resistance of Epoxy coatings is the perfect solution for oil and gas pipelines.


High impact, high traffic areas in warehouses can take advantage of the durability of Mirable Coating solutions