best garage floor coatings phoenix
Playgrounds feature many different colorful substrates that require our coatings and binders. Metal pipes and architectural structures require protective coatings to protect from corrosion, rust, sun exposure and more. Enhance your playground floor underneath swings and play areas with rubber crumb floors that are beautiful, soft, and playful flooring solutions for playgrounds. And for larger concrete areas perhaps a colorful concrete coating. All of our products can be custom tinted to match and create any color scheme you are looking for. As well, our products have been used to coat many railings, pipes, and roller coasters at multiple theme parks!

Applicable Products

Polyurethane / Polyaspartic Coating   

Excellent corrosion protection and high abrasion (wear) resistance. Great for high traffic areas, very durable and will last longer than non crosslinked coatings. Easy to clean and maintain. Can be tinted with any custom color you want to match your park.