stamped concrete pool patio
Pool decking doesn’t last forever, especially when harsh chemicals used to clean your pool are often on the deck eating at the surface. Salt water pools and chlorine pools, both use chemicals and are tough on concrete and other decking materials. Resurfacing your pool deck is often more cost effective than replacing it altogether. Consider resurfacing your pool deck with a concrete polymer overlay, soft rubber binder overlay, or a coating. Protect, beautify, and make your pool deck more enjoyable.

Applicable Products

Solvent-borne Acrylic Coating / Sealer  

Low cost affordable method of beautifying your pool deck with a coating / sealer. Fast dry time and hardness development, moderate chemical and good UV resistance. This will material is low cost, very easy to apply, and requires yearly or bi-yearly maintenance of additional coats to bring it back to life as it wears. We recommend adding anti-slip additive to prevent slips and falls around the pool.


Water-borne Acrylic Coating / Sealer  

Another low cost, affordable way to revamp and bring your pool deck back to life. This coating can be applied clear or pigmented. Very easy to use and recoat/reseal in the future. This self cross-linking acrylic latex emulsion has excellent chemical and uv resistance. Maintenance coats every year or other year are recommended to keep your surface looking like new. We recommend adding anti-slip additive to prevent slips and falls around the pool.


Polyurethane / Polyaspartic Coating   

Coat your existing concrete pool deck with a polyurethane or polyaspartic coating. These materials provide excellent chemical and UV resistance for many years. Resurface your pool deck with a solid color, a chip/flake patterned floor, metallic, and more. A solid color floor will be inherently slippery, floors with chips can provide additional slip resistance.


Rubber Crumb Overlay  

Use rubber crumbs to overlay your existing pool deck and or patio. Rubber crumb overlay is soft, good looking, easy to apply, and provides built in anti-slip features. Utilizing a moisture cure urethane binder you have plenty of time to mix and apply this material. You can use virgin (new) EPDM rubber or recycled tire rubber crumb if you are environmentally conscious. This mix of EPDM rubber combined with a sophisticated binder provides a durable, long lasting pool deck surface.