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Seal and re-seal your wooden decks and patios. Sealing your wood deck and patio can extend the life of it and require less maintenance over the years. Wood is composed of cellulosic cells that like to swell and hold water. Which is why decks need to be sealed and resealed over the years. Sealing your deck is easy using solventborn or waterborne coatings and sealers. For added cost and better protection you can also use a polyurethane or polyaspartic coating and sealer.

Applicable Products

Solvent-borne Acrylic Coating / Sealer  

This sealer is based on a solid thermoplastic acrylic resin dispersed in xylene and other solvents. Possible applications of this acrylic coating / sealer are practically endless. This formulation has been used as a binder in marine coatings, printing inks, metal coatings, concrete coatings, and more. This material can be made either matte or glossy to your preference.


Water-borne Acrylic Coating / Sealer  

This is a self cross linking acrylic emulsion in water, this material has excellent adhesion to many substrates. This acrylic latex can be used as a clear or pigmented coating / sealer for to provide that “wet look” or a uniform color to your substrates. This material provides excellent chemical, hot tire pick-up, and weathering resistance. As well, this material features good dirt-pick-up, hot tire and blush resistance.


Polyurethane / Polyaspartic Coating   

For longer lasting sealing and protection you can use a polyurethane or polyaspartic coating that has been cut down to penetrate wood decks. These materials will provide longer lasting protection (stronger crosslinking bond compared to acrylic sealers), long lasting enhanced visual appearance, excellent chemical resistance, and excellent UV resistance. However, these materials are considerable more costly than a traditional acrylic coating and sealers.