Specialty coatings provide solutions to everyday problems. From a leak on the roof, stains and cracks in your concrete or a dull and boring floor space,we can fix it. Our custom formulated specialty coatings are used by thousands of contractors and applicators around the world in every industry imaginable. Our products include decorative and protective concrete coatings, elastomeric roof coatings, UV/EB curable coatings, and more. If you can’t find what you are looking for contact us and our trained chemists will work with you to develop a unique coating solution specifically for you.

Product Categories

Acrylic Coatings & Sealers

Protects and improves color. Incredibly cost friendly and easy application for DIY projects.


Great for DIY projects. Offers protection against contaminants and provides a beautiful glossy finish.


Great for areas of high usage, as it provides immense durability.


Rapid curing capabilities allow for a next day turnaround.

Colorants / Pigments

Our stock of basic pigment allows our in-house chemist to produce nearly any color; Basic colored pigment or Custom colored pigment, we have you covered!

Chips / Flakes

Chips hide imperfections in a floor and are visually appealing.

Sundries / Painting Accessories

Don’t forget our painting accessories to help thoroughly complete your projects.