epoxy garage floor mesa
Playgrounds feature many different colorful substrates that require our coatings and binders. Metal pipes and architectural structures require protective coatings to protect from corrosion, rust, sun exposure and more. Enhance your playground floor underneath swings and play areas with rubber crumb floors that are beautiful, soft, and playful flooring solutions for playgrounds. And for larger concrete areas perhaps a colorful concrete coating. All of our products can be custom tinted to match and create any color scheme you are looking for. As well, our products have been used to coat many railings, pipes, and roller coasters at multiple theme parks!

Applicable Products

100 % Solid Epoxy Coating 100 

A two component coating consisting of standard epoxy resin crosslinked with a cycloaliphatic amine. Creating a strong, flexible floor coating that will last for years. Featuring good chemical, abrasion, and hot tire pickup resistance. Technically this coating has some UV resistance because of the cycloaliphatic hardener, however it will yellow in time. Recommended for garages without exposure to sunlight. Can be pigmented, used with chips, and even metallic pigments. Odor is moderate, some ventilation is recommended.

Water-borne Epoxy Primer Moisture Vapor Barrier 150 W

This is a two component waterborne epoxy coating that can be applied to damp concrete, but not concrete that is wet or pooling water. This product penetrates the concrete and creates a barrier between the concrete and water vapors. This primer will strengthen the substrate so that subsequent coating layers do not pop off from the moisture vapor transmission pressures. Odor is moderate, some ventilation is recommended.

Water Borne Epoxy Coating 250 W

A two component waterborne epoxy coating. Good for solid color and chip floors. This waterborne coating is rather slow and makes installation very easy, but requires at least 2 days to install due to the slow reaction of the epoxy. Odor is moderate, some ventilation is recommended.