We Are A Family Owned Specialty Coatings Manufacturer

We specialize in manufacturing custom coating solutions for many industries that span the globe. Perhaps we are best known for our decorative and protective concrete coatings installed all over North America. Our concrete coatings include acrylic coatings and sealers, epoxies, polyurethanes and polyaspartics which are primarily used to coat garage floors, commercial kitchen floors, warehouse floors, aircraft hangars and more.

We\’re also specialized in UV/EB curable coatings that are extremely fast cure coatings that cure in milliseconds when exposed to just the right wavelength of light. These extremely fast light curing coatings are energy and time efficient, allowing your production speed to increase over traditional heat curing ovens. Our UV-curable resins have been used on snowboards, fishing rods, and other consumer goods. The applications for our coatings are truly endless, with our continuously expanding product range, knowledge and industry wide relationships we have the ability to custom formulate coating solutions to meet your needs.

While we are known for decorative and protective concrete coatings it does not end there. ¬†Our coatings and product offerings are continuously evolving and improving. Our engineers and chemists are here to assist you, from technical specifications to new products. Please contact us and we\’ll work with you to formulate a custom coating that is right for you.