About Us

Arizona Family Business

Three Generations Under One Roof.

Mirabel Coatings is a family owned and operated business. We pride ourselves in delivering high quality products, on time and with great customer and technical service. Our business associates are technically trained and highly involved in order to understand every aspect of our business as well as yours. These practices have allowed our business to grow steadily, even in the years following the 2008 crash. Over time, our reputation led us to new opportunities that have expanded our product lines well beyond our initial resins for decorative concrete flooring. Our products are always evolving and growing to become applicable to meet your needs. We thrive off of new challenges and work hard to find the best solution for your coating needs.

Brian Strayer, Our President

is a hands-on leader and plays a role in every aspect of Mirabel Coatings from negotiation, to operations management, to coaching the future leaders; he is enthusiastic about every facet of creating a company he is proud of.  Brian has a strong science and engineering background, as well as a law degree from The Ohio State University. Along with his passion for education he also cares deeply about helping the new generation of business leaders, which is why he taught MBA courses in management and law for over a decade.

Brian Strayer, CEO of Mirabel Coatings